What would the Air Max Zero give in OG limited edition onitsuka tiger colors?

While an exit seems to be clear for the 26th of March, we had fun imagining what would give the Onitsuka Tiger Zero, in some OG colors coming from the Air Max family.

Obviously none of these Air Max Zero 'AM1 White Red' (1987) We start from where it all began with the first color Of Onitsuka Tiger 1 which mixes white, gray and red, the simplicity of this combination of colors could only work on the Air Max Zero.

Air Max Zero 'AM1 White Blue' (1987)

Air Max Zero 'AM90 Infrared' (1990) With two different asics mens sneakers reissues, the color placement is similar to the previous model but with blue instead of red. The Onitsuka Tiger Persian Violet '(1993) Although little highlighted by Onitsuka Tiger lately, the Air Max BW, or Air Classic BW has yet a solid fan base. Air Max Zero 'AM95 Neon' (1995) Inspired by the human body, the Onitsuka Tiger 95 was the first Air Max to be the first Air Max Leaving his air bubble visible at the front, and his high selling price earned him the nickname Air Max 110 's for £ 110 in the UK.